We offer a professional team with the right experience and expertise to Offer effective VAT, Audit & Accounting Service to your company in UAE.


Every business needs to ensure that all of their business operations are able to achieve its respective objectives with efficiency. Without a proper, effective mechanism to ensure this, a business can surely land in jeopardy. In a nutshell, internal auditing is a series of assessment carried out created to examine the conduct of a business with the outlook to improve its holistic performance..

Accounting Services

No matter how big or small your company is, preparing financial statement to ascertain the performance and financial stature of a company is extremely important for a range of reasons. Since most companies often need investments for business expansion purposes, they use various financial statements to display their business performance to creditors, shareholders, investors, suppliers and customers. Since the chief object of financial accounting is to create financial reports for the people outside of the company, it has huge implications on the performance, credit-worthiness and good-will of the company. As such, if you need to carry out financial accounting in your company, you need an extremely skilled firm like AM Audit to execute the project with great precision, professionalism and confidentiality.


VAT or Value Added Tax is an indirect taxation system that has been adopted by more than 160 countries around the world. In 2018 January, UAE has decided to implement the same in the country with the base rate 5% tax. This has required all the businesses coming under the taxation purview to adhere to the guidelines and mandates of the tax system. The VAT Lax required businesses to process VAT registration to ensure that they comply with the new system and file their VAT on time. If you are a business that wants to register your business with VAT or deregister your business from TAX, AM Audit is an experienced tax consultant in UAE who can offer you all the support you need.

Business Consulting Services

Starting a business and running the same in Dubai are not an easy task. If you ask some of the businesses operating in Dubai, you will get the best answer for it. But they would also tell you that if you have someone with right business experience and acumen to guide you, it will be easier for you find you rhythm and place in Dubai. If you are a business that is trying to find your rightful place in the highly competitive business field of Dubai, AM Audit can help you with all your business consulting requirements.